Lord Booray Toepfer 2007-2020


Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

Our very easy-going and always loving pack leader who, for 13 years and through 10 other dogs, was so calm and quiet that no human ever recognized him as the leader. Lord Boo never caused trouble, never made messes, never destroyed his toys or our furniture, never got sick until the final three days, and always deferred to the higher human authority. Boo served as official sofa warmer and bookend for years, enjoyed slow, meandering walks in the woods and cared for  his original talking puppy toy his entire life. He could charm a squirrel out of trees, could stare a hole through a wall or just grunt softly  to get anything he wanted, and had an uncanny gift for empathy for everyone and everything...except help. His one and only stubborn vice was his refusal to accept any physical help .... all his life.  Such was the vice that cost him his mobility and his life in the end. Lord Boo, our best and most dignified dog ever. 

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