We have had belts for the Thorens turntables custom made to our specification. They are PERFECT replacements for the original belts at a fraction of the cost.

The problem sellers have had with supplying correct belts for Thorens turntables is that every supplier has belts that are almost the correct size. Just about every Thorens turntable uses the exact same belt but you will see turntable belt sites showing two and sometimes three different sizes for various units. If you check the official Thorens web site you will see they call for the same belt for all but a few turntables and those use a completely different belt.

The belts that have been used are a 19.6 inch belt, a 20 inch belt, and a 20.7 inch belt. The 19.6 inch belt is just a little short but its plus is that it is narrow enough for most of the turntables. But being slightly shorter than the original belt causes them to be a little tight and on some turntables it makes the motor drag. To compensate for this sellers have used the 20.7 belt because it is longer (actually longer than the original) and does not put the stress on the motor. BUT... it is too wide and drags on the guide by the motor causing problems. Some suppliers will provide a 20 inch belt but every 20 inch belt available is also too wide. These belts are also all a little too thick and stiff for the sensitive Thorens mechanism.

What has happened is there is all this conflicting information about which belt fits which unit. You will find sellers that swear that Thorens turntables use 2 or 3 sizes when in fact they only use the one size (except for a couple). Some wrong belts work better on some units than others.

We tired of this mess and decided to have our belts custom made by our manufacturer. You will NOT find this belt any where but here at Vintage-Electronics.net. We have made some subtle changes in the belts make-up to make it work just as well at the original and it fits all the models as it is supposed to.

We are completely confident that after you try our belt you will never buy one from any other site.

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