Shipping Charges:

US orders: $6.25 for first class mail and $11.50 for Priority Mail.

DOMESTIC ORDERS: USPS 1st Class mail and Priority Mail are available for all US domestic orders. ALL packages shipped via USPS have been printed with trackable delivery confirmation numbers which are scanned along the way by the USPS.  All orders are shipped within 24 hours, with shipping in AM hours on Monday through Friday.  On occasion, the item you ordered is out of stock and back-ordered at our supplier. We try to ensure a prompt delivery but can't control the speed of the delivery system.

IMPORTANT: USPS Delivery Tracking Numbers are assigned to every package we ship, transmitted to you,  and are searchable at  When scanned by the USPS at its destination, we and the USPS  consider that package delivered.  USPS has GPS location available that will show exactly where it was delivered.  If your package shows it was delivered but you did not receive it, contact you local post office with the tracking number and they can usually verify where it was actually delivered.  In the event of a  delay or a lost package (it happens) we will gladly make it right. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery before asking for a lost order to be replaced. The USPS can be very slow. We guarantee you will receive your order, but impatience with the USPS  system will  not solve the problem.

INSURANCE: All orders are insured by us at no extra charge.

RETURNS: All returns must be postmarked no later than 7 days after the package is received by the customer. We cannot accept returns of belts and electronic parts after that time.  Contact us for possible exceptions.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  We offer a lifetime warranty on ALL of our  turntable belts and tape deck belts kits. If you have any failure of these belts you MUST return the belt(s) to us along with a copy of the original purchase invoice and we will replace the belt(s) at no charge.  No time limit.  Our files are purged periodically. We are unable to keep years old information handy, so hang on to your original invoice.

PACKING: We pack non-breakable orders (belts) in padded envelopes. Any larger or breakable items are packed in boxes.

PRIVACY: We respect your privacy. All information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties, or reused without your consent. We do not store your information or send out mass emails. Your credit card data is between you and your bank. We have access only to your order, not to the credit card number you provided to purchase it.  Credits for returns are processed through your bank. We have no access or control over your bank's policies regarding how long it takes for a return credit to be processed on your credit card statements.
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