Service Manuals in PDF Form

Due to the abuse of our Non-Refundable policy on manuals we will no longer be selling PDF service manuals.  It is getting very annoying having first time buyers come here, purchase a manual and then promtly file a claim with their credit card company or Paypal so they can get a free manual.  If they can't read the information below, I am not sure how they will read a manual.   IF YOU ARE A REGULAR CUSTOMER, CONTACT ME AND IF WE HAVE THE MANUAL, I WILL SEND IT TO YOU FOR FREE.  If you are not a regular customer you will need to send $6.00 in cash to us if you want a manual.  I am no longer going to play this game of theft played by these people who will do anything to get something for free.   Go play your games somewhere else.

Vintage Electronics offers top quality scanned service manuals in PDF form. All of the manuals are scanned by a professional company specializing in this type or work, not by us. You won't find any better quality manuals anywhere.

All manuals are sent to you as an attachment to an email.  We will send them within 12 hours of your purchase.  There is NO shipping charge for our PDF manuals

PDF manuals are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Due to the process of scanning manuals into PDF form they are not always perfect.  You will not find any scanned manuals that are better than these.  Most are excellent, some have a few flaws.  These are usuable manuals, not collectible manuals.

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