1. Take off the top and back covers. In the center of the unit you will see a rectangular plate covering the backs of both flywheels. The capstan motor is also attached to this plate. Note that the speed control board for the motor is on the right hand side of the motor when looking at it from the back of the unit. It is important that you re-install it on the same side or the belt will not be tight.

2. Remove the screws from the perimeter of this plate and pull it up and out of the way. You will now see the backs of both flywheels. There is a small ball-bearing at the center of each flywheel. Be VERY careful not to lose those and have them in position when you reassemble the unit.

3. Remove the old belt. If there is any rubber residue on the flywheels or motor pulley, clean it off before re-installing the new belt. Loop the new belt around the outside of both flywheels. It will appear to be too big, but it isn't. When you put the plate with the motor back on, slide it down from above the top loop of the belt, pulling the belt down and under the pulley of the capstan motor thus putting tension on the belt.

4. Re-install the screws in the plate. Rotate the flywheels by hand until the belt is centered correctly on the motor pulley or it will come off when you apply power. Then reassemble the unit and you are finished.

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