Below are general installation instructions for replacement of the fuse style lamps of Marantz and Sansui vintage receivers. Specific units may vary slightly but you should have no problem if you follow the instructions below. They are not intented to be exact instructions for every model. Please refer to the service manuals for more information.

Marantz Receivers

Be sure and UNPLUG the unit. Remove the case screws on the sides and lift the top cover off. Directly behind the dial you will see a circuit board running sideways with several wires attached. At the ends of the circuit board and just above it you will find 2 screws. The heads will be pointing up. The screws will be going through 2 plastic tabs. Remove these 2 screws and the circuit board will slide back exposing the lamps. Snap the old lamps. BEFORE inserting the new lamps, squeeze the holders for each end of the lamps together slightly to insure a good tight fit. I recommend always replacing all the lamps when you do this. Reassemble. The tuning meters have either a plastic cover or a metal cover behind them. Remove the screws in the covers and you will see the lamps. Replace and reassemble.

Sansui Receivers

Be sure and UNPLUG the unit. Remove the case screws on both sides and remove the top case. Looking down at the unit directly behind the dial you will see 2 holes going through the metal bracket running crossways behind the display. Reach through the holes and remove the 2 screws. A magnetized screwdriver is recommended. The circuit board directly behind this will then slide out. In some units there is a small circuit board standing upright directly behind the lamp assy and will prevent you from sliding it back. It will just unplug and be out of your way. NOTICE how it is plugged in so you can put it back the right way. You will now see the lamps. Remove them and snap in the new ones. Reassemble. Replug the small circuit board if yours had one. To replace the meter lamps there is a metal or plastic shield. Remove the screws in it and remove it to expose the lamps. Replace and reassemble.

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