How to Measure Tape Deck and Turntable Belts

To measure the length (circumference) of the belt, lay it out straight as shown in the diagram below. If the belt is broken, just record the total length. If the belt is unbroken, just double the measurement as shown. The first part of all our belt part numbers reflect the length (circumference) of the belts. You will also need to measure the width of the flat type belts. The thickness of square and round cross section belts should also be measured to insure the belt is thick or thin enough for your purposes. You should choose a belt that is just a little shorter than your measurement to allow for the old belt having stretched.

If the old belt is missing or in some cases turned to goo, you can also get a measurement by other methods. The method I prefer is to use a thin piece of string and wrap it around the belt path. Then measure the length of the string. Get a belt a little smaller as the string has no stretch to it. For flat belts you should check the motor pulley to make sure the width you choose will comfortable fit inside the flanges. If it is too wide it will ride up on the end of the flange and the unit will run too fast.

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