Bob’s long, strange trip began on February 2, 1972, when the number #25 directed him at the first fork in the road.   He was one of the few high school seniors in his Iowa hometown who were subjected, by having reached 18 years old in 1971 - and having no college deferment and no firm plans set -   to the involuntary Vietnam draft through birthday lotteries. As things turned out historically, Vietnam would not have been the case, but as of February 2 the number 25 strongly suggested a military future. He enlisted voluntarily just after high school to secure a desired electronics education and avoid Vietnam which, by then, was winding down.

Long before 1972, Bob was perfecting DIY electronic projects at home and in his 1963 Chevy Impala.   He had already installed an eight-track player. Car cassette players were trending in 1972, so he wired in a cassette player as well and began collecting cassette tapes to add to his eight-track tape collection, which was then consigned to basement storage.  His military electronics education and experience formed the foundation for his future in classic audio repair beginning in 1976.   

From 1976 to 1996 he was a master class repair technician  at the Radio Shack Corporation where he specialized in the component audio equipment popular in the 60s and 70s that we now call "classic" or "vintage." Most of those years were spent in Chicago, IL. In 1996 he left Radio Shack and owned a small repair shop near Albuquerque NM until 1999 when he met his future wife and they conceived of  then moved to Colorado where they have been since 2000.  This website was created primarily for audio equipment repairs in addition to small parts for DIY projects. As the classic 60s and 70s stereo revival materialized and more baby boomers dusted off their old turntables and tape players, the small parts side of the website began to dominate. We have remained at the top of our niche internet field, spinning your albums and tapes, for years. Bob no longer accepts repairs, but is an email away for advice on DIY repair  projects. He will celebrate his 65th birthday in 2018 and enter into the Medicare fork in the road, but has no plans to retire then, soon after, or ever. This, according to Bob.



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