Follow the adventures of  Jack the Rocky Mountain Goatdog as he hikes the Colorado Fourteeners. Jack is a combination of mysterious and multiple influences that created an ideal goatdog, a breed known in these parts to be just as comfortable on a slab of jagged granite as they are on a living room sofa. Tireless and determined, this guy climbs to 14,000 feet quicker and more instinctively than any other goatdog  in Colorado. Jack has completed 25 of the 58 fourteeners,  plus 10 repeats and 3 thirteeners in two hiking seasons.

Pikes Peak: Jack's most familiar but annoying hike, where, instead of arriving at the summit to a pile of peaceful rocks for his hard-earned photo-op, Jack finds the end of a paved highway complete with traffic and exhaust fumes, painted signs, fast food restaurant where he is never invited, cog railway, a noisy party atmosphere with bells and whistles, and a large parking lot with cars carrying lazy dogs who cheated their way to the top.

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